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an angel blog on earth
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Monday, 23 March 2009

More deaths ...

Two beautiful young women died in the last week

Two extremely different girls, very different lives and life circumstances

One was Natasha Richardson (45) actor, wife and mother.  Celebrated daughter of, Vanessa Redgrave and much-missed wife of, Liam Neeson.  Mother to two beautiful boys.  Died tragically young following a skiing accident.

The other was Jade Goody (27) modern-day celebrity, wife and mother.  Celebrated daughter of Jackiey Budden and much-missed wife of Jack Tweed.  Mother to two beautiful boys.  Died tragically young following terminal cancer.

Much could be said about these two unique and remarkable women and I'm sure that the various forums, blogs and tabloids have already done this.

All that I will say is may they both Rest In Peace, be happy in the knowledge that many will care for your sons and perhaps one day the world will be a lighter place where ALL deaths are mourned, all lives celebrated with care, kindness, compassion and faith.

You will both be sadly missed by an awful lot of people, from very different communities - both will be remembered.

Friday, 20 March 2009

Death ...

We heard recently on the television news of the sad death of two young soldiers, Sappers Patrick Azimkar (21) and Mark Quinsey (23), on 8 March 2009 whilst collecting a pizza from a delivery boy at their barracks in Massareene, Antrim, Belfast.

We discovered the following week that Patrick Azimkar is the son of D's second cousin, Geraldine. At only 21 it is hard to hear of such a death - especially as I think we had all maybe taken peace in Ireland for granted in the last couple of years.

Click on the links to view press releases and to see BBC film footage of the funeral and of a wonderful tribute to Patrick and his friend and comrade, Mark.

His parents, Geraldine and Mehmet, following his coffin - something no parent should have to do.

RIP Patrick and may God grant your parents and your brother the strength to carry on their lives without you. God bless x

Ooop North

Grandpa and L filling the bird feeders (above).

We also had a visit up north in March to visit D's Mum and Dad and a good time was had by all - especially when the port ... my favourite port .... the 1977 Finest Vintage Fonseca .... comes out!

Sister ....

Well my lil'sis came up for a flying visit recently, which was great - we don't get to meet up that frequently due to distance etc and our busy lives. The photograph above is after G and B took E and L to the cinema to see Bolt 3D (you can make out their 3D glasses in the image). Incidentally, G and B 'conned' the kids into thinking that the GB sticker on the back of their car stood for their initials ..... and the kids believed them!

Sis bought me a bottle of Pouilly Fume as a belated birthday gift - this was quite endearing as it was one of the wines that we had at our wedding (unbeknownst to me previously)!

March already ....

I can't quite believe that we are already moving towards the end of March and I haven't entered a single blog since last month.

The month has been really busy with lots of school activities, work, studying, family crises and the like - no excuses - I haven't made time for it.

I will try to remedy that over the next few days and see how successful I am.

Lots of photographs to post and will try and do those too - they may be seriously random though with little explanation.

Have fun in the sun, one and all x