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Monday, 23 March 2009

More deaths ...

Two beautiful young women died in the last week

Two extremely different girls, very different lives and life circumstances

One was Natasha Richardson (45) actor, wife and mother.  Celebrated daughter of, Vanessa Redgrave and much-missed wife of, Liam Neeson.  Mother to two beautiful boys.  Died tragically young following a skiing accident.

The other was Jade Goody (27) modern-day celebrity, wife and mother.  Celebrated daughter of Jackiey Budden and much-missed wife of Jack Tweed.  Mother to two beautiful boys.  Died tragically young following terminal cancer.

Much could be said about these two unique and remarkable women and I'm sure that the various forums, blogs and tabloids have already done this.

All that I will say is may they both Rest In Peace, be happy in the knowledge that many will care for your sons and perhaps one day the world will be a lighter place where ALL deaths are mourned, all lives celebrated with care, kindness, compassion and faith.

You will both be sadly missed by an awful lot of people, from very different communities - both will be remembered.

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Jason said...

I've never been a Jade Goody fan, in fact, you could say for pretty much most of her public life I had feelings akin of hate for her. However, she courted the publicity and her fame for the benefit of her children after she found her cancer was getting worse. I praise her for that. It's sad for her family and her children, but also spare a thought for the 26,000 other women in the UK going through the same situations, just without the publicity.