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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My car Betsy

View taken from the top of the street by the Old Bakery, looking to the Old Smithy

My church

View of the church where 'D' and I were married, children baptised and first hubs buried

View opposite the school

Well, poor old Betsy isn't fairing (sp?) to well at the minute

We made it through the snow and the ice on Monday to the office; finished early and took 'P' to the hospital for his scan.  Then off we went to drop 'P' and 'El' off at 'El's' house before navigating downhill in Betsy the Barge (v.old estate, rear wheel, automatic 2 tonner).

She did well, bless her!  However, Tuesday morning saw 'D' off to London with work.  He had to leave early - well on the way when I called him to tell him of the joys we were having back at the ranch with Betsy.   To cut a long story, relatively short, after de-icing the locks, we all tropped into the car, key in the ignition and .......... nothing!  Key wouldn't move.

Now I guess at this point you are wondering if the steering lock was on?  Cheeky!  No, it wasn't. Squirts of WD40 netted nothing.  Luckily, a friend 'V' was passing in her car, taking the twins to school and she kindly took 'E' and 'L' up for me.

Several more tries and I gave in and called the cab company.  10 minutes late for work and £15 quid lighter of pocket, I arrived at the office to be asked by my Head of Service if I had decided to go 'part time'!  Cheeky blighter.  I think he had forgotten that I lived the furthest away (bar 1 other) and had got in the day before.

Anyway, the photos that you will see on today's blog are ones that I took on the way back from dropping 'E' and 'L' at school this morning.  Not in the office today because I'm studying.

Met with the architect last night and discussed the more detailed plans of the house redevelopment, it should look lovely if (no, be positive) ..... when it gets done.

Will try to post again soon but with 'E's birthday this weekend, I probably won't get the opportunity.  Really looking forward to Saturday - hope 'E' is pleased with her presents.


Macpurp said...

poor Betsy!!
these are beautiful pictures.
hope E has a great time. canny believe she is growing up so fast!
love T xx

angelfruit said...

I know - I really don't know where the time is going to ....

Only just remembered I hadn't posted a pic of Betsy! What a muppet!