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an angel blog on earth
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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Well - just a quick post to catch up with myself .... again!

I took the picture above from my car in logjam again!  No surprises there.  Bleddy snow - I can't stand the stuff.

Monday, when it all came down I was due to take 'P' to the hospital for a scan.  Thankfully, all was well and no damage there - so back for more blood tests and other tests for him.  At least we can rule out liver/kidneys so that is good.

Wolverhampton BT Building

Original Wolverhampton GPO Building

Wolverhampton Civic Hall

This is one of the views from my office.  I work opposite the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton 
I don't mind the snow if I'm looking out at it, or even driving in it - not a problem - the problem comes when I have to walk on the bleddy stuff.  Bambi - yes I know a bit old and only two legs - but Bambi nonetheless!

Another view from my office is this one of the old Wolverhampton GPO Exchange, nestled down the alley between the Civic Hall and the new BT offices constructed in the 1970's.  I love the little dovecote that you can only just see (in this shot with a snow covered roof beneath it).

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