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an angel blog on earth
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Thursday, 1 January 2009

The First Day of the Year 2009

Well I guess I could have tried harder to get up earlier ... but still - this probably means that I have started as I mean to go on.

Considering I am a morning person, I am not always sure why I find it so difficult to get up.

D has already done a good deed for the day; rescuing P and L who were stranded and needed to get to Wolverhampton within the hour. Off he went, without complaint, and took them there. He brought back the bacon for the sarnies that Lily and I were desperate for and the Daily Depression (newspaper: Independent). Off he's gone now in his borrowed van, which he has kindly been loaned until he can figure out what he will do with his 'broken' car. Poor bloke has thrown so much money at it and it's still not working. Our pockets are empty at the moment, well they're less than empty actually but I don't want to get depressed this early in the year so we'll skirt around that issue! LOL

The girls are busy making games (and a whole heap of mess) in the sitting room and I am yet again messing about on the computer when I should be doing other things more boring instead.

I have caught up with:

My emails
My favourite blogs (you know who you are)

I need to:

Get ironing done - failed
Weigh myself - failed
Go on the treadmill - failed

Clean up the kitchen - partially succeeded
Try and find all the mobile numbers that the new phone has 'lost'- failed

1 comment:

Macpurp said...

well kitchen is partly cleaned so thats a start!!!
hugs xx