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an angel blog on earth
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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Oldest and dearest friend ....

What can I say about this photograph? Oldest and dearest friend.  We met for lunch on Monday and 'M' arrived wearing this hat.   I was speechless (which doesn't happen often).   Out we walked to go for lunch.   Now bear in mind that I am about 5'11" and 'M' is exaggerating when she says she is 5' tall!  We certainly got some looks.  Suffice to say that on Tuesday, when she again arrived in my office for lunch, she was not wearing 'the' hat.   'D' asked "Why no hat today?"   'M' replied that "even though ....(me) ..... hadn't said anything, my face had spoken volumes".  I think the later assumption that people had been staring, also swayed consensus on 'the' hat being seen again in a professional capacity.

I love her to bits, she has been a very good friend to me - I can live with 'the' hat, but sadly I can't stop my face from 'telling tales' on me ... even when I try really hard not to say anything at all!

For anyone that doesn't know 'M' she is a complete fitness freak.  She gets up at some unGodly hour, 4.30am or thereabouts to go running.  She will run before work, taking the dog with her.  Frequently then go on for a round trip in the gym or the pool before coming into the office.  We used to work together, for many years in the same office, until I defected and went to the dark side that was formerly known as 'Leisure'.  For a long time it was thought there was much pleasure in Leisure - though I witnessed much, I can't say that it was my own personal experience.  We were a strange bunch of people, thrown together through circumstance, with very different personalities.  Too complex an issue to be covered in this post - but maybe if I discover my dark side in the future, I might write about it then.