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an angel blog on earth
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Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I didn't take this today (though the weather is pretty much the same). I took this one yesterday, sitting in the traffic on the way into the office, from the car window with my mobile. It seemed to sum up the optimism I had for the day.

When I reached the office 'D' (not 'D' hubs) was on a downer - despite our discussion the previous day of trying to maintain a positive mental attitude! Further discussions ensued and we soon put ourselves on the path with the sunshine instead of the snow.

'DMcG' returned from his holidays and was full of Menorca - he had never been there before but had experienced a great time with some of his extended family, taking long daily bike rides (short in comparison with his usual 30 mile stints at home). Several brochures were shown around the office of villas that he would like to buy (if they were cheap enough, if he could afford to live abroad, if he had a 'golden handshake' from work, if ....) I think a few people wanted to piss on his parade - but I was happy to let him keep his dreams .... what the hell have we got without them sometimes?

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Macpurp said...

lovely sun picture my lovely !

positive mental attitude! have to keep remind myself of trying to do that on a daily basis!