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an angel blog on earth
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Friday, 23 January 2009

Funny old week

Not written on the blog this week as my hand has been giving me problems again. I've been trying to stay away from the laptop (rather unsuccessfully, I know!)

Went to see my lovely Dr D today, whose only suggestion was two weeks off work with total abstinence of keyboarding .... impossible, I know. So it's back to the anti-inflammatories and I'll rest it when I can. It really is frustrating though. Thankful that it's only in one hand, and the left one at that.

'D's car is back in the garage.

We are absolutely skint.

Hoping to meet 'T's girlfriend this coming week for the first time, so hopefully will get a chance to talk about the future and she might see that I'm not the 'ogre' my son makes me out to be! LOL

Had lots of texts from 'El' this week; she's very upset that 'P' has broken up with her or has another girlfriend. 'P' is very much a closed book and keeps his own counsel, so I shall wait to see if he needs me.

'E' and 'L' are really upset this evening - I had to break the news that the pool party they thought they were going to tomorrow night is off the menu! 'D' should have broken the news, as it was his decision. There has been a fatality at the pool and he is not happy for them to go there. Given his job - I have to bow to his greater knowledge and support his decision. Pity he couldn't tell them this news himself though!

Oh well - better go and see what's to be raided in the cupboard. After looking at the bank balances online - I doubt we will be having a takeaway this evening. (((sobs quietly into mug of cold tea)))

Shay (co-worker) told me about something I had missed on the telly - thought you might like to see it - click on the link.

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Macpurp said...

gosh its all going on at yours eh!
hope it goes ok with the girlfriend.
lots of love teen xxx