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an angel blog on earth
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Friday, 2 January 2009

Second day of the year

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Just another Friday ...

Well, I guess it's just like any other Friday - except that I am not at work today! I guess when I do I will suffer the usual, annual problem of still writing 2008 until we are well into January!

E & L are busy singing along with the Beach Boys and watching The Simpsons - simultaneous - which is quite a feat, I'm sure you'd agree.

T went to hospital again last night - fainting/fever etc. Still it was good to hear from him as he rarely switches on his mobile these days.

Well I failed miserably to get anything constructive done yesterday. Well, if you discount all the playing about on the laptop. I HAVE TO cure myself of this particular problem as it does nothing at all for my procrastination.

To this end, I am going to limit the amount of time I spend on here and all of my other sites - it is all far too addictive. I think I will give myself computer time as a treat from now on, rather than as a right.

D went off to work in his borrowed van, still worrying about what to do with the car. Should he forget all the money he has spent trying to get it sorted out and give it up as a bad job? Or, should he carry on with it in the hope that they sort it out? Either way it's going to mean more money that we haven't got.



Macpurp said...

sounds like a lot is going on. is T ok?

much love xxx

Angelfruit said...

It is - I was going to say I'll have to give you a call one of the nights and update you but my new phone has lost your mobie and I'm not sure if the landline I have down is right - maybe email my usual place with the right details?

love xxx