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an angel blog on earth
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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Our Robert

'Our Robert' .... we've worked for the same organisation for many years now.

Though confined to a wheelchair, Rob is always game for a laugh, a scam, a discount, (touches side of nose theatrically) - always knows someone who can 'get it for you at a better price'.  Rob also always knows the best places to get everything from software to bits of computer gadgetry that you didn't even know you wanted, until of course he told you about it!  I used to be Rob's manager and he could drive me crazy.

Rob has a long-time partner and a young son, who is a complete whirlwind and knows how to keep his Dad on his toes, so to speak.

He is seldom seen without his wireless headset (we were a matching pair for a time) until I got bored with mine and moved on ....

Rob - you crack me up, you make me laugh and I would miss you if we didn't work in the same building.  I'm going to try and find that picture of you with your Santa hat on too x

Note - I have never looked at my office closely I don't suppose - I haven't a clue why there is a bright red, waste paper basked on a filing cabinet behind Rob's head!!!

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